Precarious – The Blog!

Hi all, welcome to my blog!

As a kid I was an avid reader and spent a lot of time reading crime magazines and books that my parents had finished with. This interest stayed with me to this day, luckily with more options as time went on such as social media and podcasts! So many topics fascinate me; disappearances, serial killers, crimes of passion, mysteries, disasters and more. I always have a book with me and have books literally stacked up all around my house (because you know, we’ll read them again won’t we?).

One thing I have found is the similar cases or stories, usually from the same countries or locales, doing the rounds online. Don’t get me wrong, I will listen to any podcast on Ted Bundy or read any speculations online about the disappearance of Brandon Lawson but there are so many more stories, some closer to home than we think that we may not even know of! From reading up on local cases, keeping track on the news or discussing with others, I have learned of so many interesting stories that I would love to hear my favourite podcasters cover or read a book which delves into as much information as can be found. Chatting over a coffee about these stories is great, but that’s not going to get these stories out there now is it?

So, this is where I will try and share some stories with you which really impacted or stuck with me. And if there is one thing I’m good at, it’s talking! I plan to share updates on books I’m reading, items in the news, documentaries and such on this blog. I also would like to share these stories with everyone through a podcast, which I hope to get out to everyone soon if my voice doesn’t break the system..

So please join me in the discovery and storytelling of these criminal, mysterious and precarious stories!